Japan-Myanmar Economy & Investment Center (JMEIC)


About Japan-Myanmar Economy & Investment Center
Japan-Myanmar Economy & Investment Center was established in 2012 with the aim of supporting SME’s business activity in Myanmar.

We strongly propel economic exchange between Japan and Myanmar with support of Japanese government organizations such as  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, trade and industry, JICA, JETRO, Government of Myanmar, Embassy of Myanmar in Japan, UMFCCI and so on. Our center holds Myanmar seminar regularly  to provide latest and useful information on Myanmar.


<Main Activities>

1. Supporting  Japanese companies to invest in Myanmar

2. Providing Business information of Myanmar

Monthly Seminar / Book /

3. Consulting, researching and translating

4. Arranging business tours

5. Supporting  Japanese companies to visit Myanmar



Noriyuki YONEMURA (Ex-Vice president of Research Institute of Economy, trade and industry / Ex-Japan’s ABAC member)

Osamu TSUZUKI (Representative of NPO the consulting for Myanmar)
Thi Thi Lay (Lecturer of Ibaraki University)
Keita INOUE (A.I.N.Consulting LLC, A.I.N.Group Representative, CPA)

Tatsuo FUJIMURA (Chairman of Myanmar-Japan Eco-tourism / Ex- Representative of JICA Myanmar Office)
Koichi MIYAKE (President of Global Business partners)
Kazuhiro ABE (Ex- Pan pacific legal director of Fuji Xerox)
Koichiro NAKAJIMA (Secretary General of Asia Alliance Board)
Isao MARUYAMA (President of A.M.S Corporation)
Tsuyoshi MIYATAKE (Chief consultant of World Business Associates Co.,Ltd.)

TOBA (A.I.N. Consulting LLC)
Ohori (A.I.N. Consulting LLC)
Myo Thant Swe (A.I.N. Consulting LLC)

Representative of JMEIC Myanmar office
Khin Maung Soe


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